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1001bit Pro V2.0 Activation Key.rar --> DOWNLOAD

n0idman 12-05 07:54 AM I am foreigner and have been applying for a visa. I went to my consulate for an interview and was asked a few questions about what I did and how I made money etc. I had a 3 hour interview (including the waiting time before the interview) and was then asked to come in next week for another interview, with an immigration officer. My wife was asked to come in with me. Will she also have to wait 3 hours and then do another interview? I am confused, should they give you your visa or need to be approved for another visa? and please don't give me the same old 'don't apply in your home country' answer. Clearly applying for a PhD in the USA is different than applying for a visa, because there are a lot of PhDs in the USA who don't have a visa at the moment. Do you think they should have given me a visa and then told me that my wife would also have to wait 3 years before getting a visa? Money I have FINANCIAL problems! 1001bit is a SCAM! Comment Posted on 2011-07-20 13:54 anonymous I do not know why the members here are mad at me, I am the poster above who can understand what I'm saying perfectly. What exactly have I said wrong? Perhaps you could give me a specific example of what I have said that is wrong. I do not appreciate people being mad at me for no reason as it's a simple question. I am not mad at you. I am asking a simple question, do we need to pay them before we get the visa or no. Do you think that this is a scam and that is why people are mad at me. this is not a scam, this is legit and i have the same situation you are in. however, the paperwork you need to get is not only paperwork but also interviews which can vary. Comment Posted on 2011-07-20 17:57 Anwar Welcome to the site. The contents of our site are only for educational purposes. All the information here is for the personal use of the site viewers or visitors. Take more responsibility and act with care. This site is not responsible for the loss or anything bad happens to you as a result of using or reading the information provided by the site. Comment


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