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Butas 2 Full Movie maunbel




A documentary on Bong Ramos’ The Filipinos, a controversial 1993 film about interracial relationships. Released in theaters in 1994. [Original 2002] Surrender (1973) Film Notation 9/10 [Tout le monde est fini]: Directed by Paul Mazursky. With Richard Benjamin, Cybill Shepherd, Jackie Gleason, John Houseman. Celebrated actor John Houseman (I Know This Much, What Do You Care?, The Paper Chase, Valley of the Dolls) died in October 1973 of a stroke. The film recounts the story of his life, in addition to other prominent historical figures and events of that time, such as the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal. This “Surrender” is actually a study of those two issues. Released in theaters in 1973. [Original 2003] First Born (1989) Film Notation 8.5 [Bienal (Striking a Balance): Genres, Media, and Nation]: Directed by Michael Covino. With Max Jaffe, Elizabeth McKee, Marc Buckland, Paul McCrane. Written by Sarah Y. Tishman. Inspired by the 1989 Bologna Arts Festival, Tishman films the festival in the fall of 1989, as three Italian-American couples struggle with the notion of interracial relationships, specifically an interracial marriage between an Italian and a Puerto Rican. Released in theaters in 1989. [Original 2002] George Cukor’s first work in film is a romantic comedy of the oldest kind: a forbidden love story set in the Gilded Age. Like it’s 19th-century counterpart, The Women, the movie doesn’t skimp on the ballad-like quality of the score, and doesn’t let its tonal range slip down a corridor, but plays every note with pinpoint focus. Cukor’s greatest gift as an artist is his ability to infuse both the actual personas of his actors and the world they inhabit with a certain sense of timelessness, which gives his work a buoyancy and elegance that perfectly encapsulates the romanticism of his era. That Cukor was able to imbue these qualities into the character of Dorothy Vernon, a wealthy American girl who falls in love with the son of a South African gentleman, and into the complex world of the early 1900s in general, is a testament to his ability to use the medium of film as a medium, to




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Butas 2 Full Movie maunbel

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