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About SupoPedia

When I say, "One-stop Solution For all your DIY needs", what goes through your mind? Maybe a place where you can get ideas from, maybe a place where you can get cool projects to work on? Or maybe a place where you will get step-by-step guided videos for your DIY project.

Now! What if I tell you I have all of these three for you on our website, SupoPedia! As the name suggests, this is an encyclopedia but specifically designed for D-I-Y needs! SupoPedia was built to inculcate the DIY trend in the brains of all! Sometimes we think of making something ourselves but don't really know how to execute it. 
SupoPedia will help you there! You come up with an idea, select the category and Boom! You get videos to realize your idea! We believe in Doing It ourselves and hence want everyone to do the same! In SupoPedia, you will get 2000+ videos to browse from and 50+ topics to choose from! You can start with the basics and then slowly move on to creating massive stuff!
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Supo Labs is a DIY company that tries to induce the sense of exploration in major domains of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (S.T.E.A.M). We develop toolkits to aid your solution-deriving creativity and enhance problem-solving capacities.

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